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Professional Pool/Spa Inspections

For the best in inspection and pool consulting service, look no further than Best Property Inspections. Our focus is to provide you with a thorough report on the condition of your pool, and all surrounding areas and built in accessories.

Quality Service & Care

We’re proud to provide you with an unbiased, objective inspection and high quality service. We DO NOT provide service for pools  – we leave that to either the homeowner or a service company.   We need our inspection to be as objective as possible for your safety.  Having been in the industry for over 12 years, our owner, Sean Blasius, has extensive knowledge of pools, ranging from the most basic setups to the most elaborate systems. We realize how important it is for home buyers to understand the condition of the pool before they buy a home. That’s why we offer comprehensive written reports for every inspection. We want you to confidently proceed with your purchase and look forward to being a pool owner.

Best Property Inspections for Pool and Spa
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Included in a Swimming Pool/Spa inspection:

  • Pool Inspection – integrity of either cement or vinyl lined
  • Decking and coping, anchors
  • Circulation system – pumps, motors, skimmers, returns
  • Filtration system – filter, automatic chlorine feeders, sanitizers, chlorine generators
  • Electrical components – timers, panel, outlets, lights
  • Heater, heat pump
  • Attached spa and water features
  • Diving board, slide
  • Water chemistry
  • Plumbing and drainage
  • Valves
  • Fence and gates
  • Child safety devices
  • Current condition and any repair recommendations
  • Safety recommendations
  • Pool & Spa Systems Consultant. Trained by John Hackett – All Clear Pool Services & John Kohler – Kohler Pool Supply, Encinitas

(Solar Systems and all associated solar components not part of this inspection)

Independent Pool and Spa Service Association