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Commercial Property Inspections

The types of commercial property inspections we perform are as varied as the types of properties we inspect and are based on the individual needs of our clients. Each inspection is performed to the specific needs of our clients. That’s why Best Property Inspections offers customized reports to meet the diverse property inspection needs of a wide range of clients: our thorough and accurate commercial inspection reports will present the precise information you need in a format that suits your reporting requirements. Additionally, we are always available after the inspection report or due diligence report are delivered to you, to answer any questions you may have.

Tell us what you need – at Best Property Inspections, we have the resources and know-how to accommodate your unique property locations across different property types:

  • Your individual specifications
  • Your need for additional customization
  • Visual documentation of the property under inspection can be provided through detailed photos in digital format when required

We recognize that every financial entity has its own methods and needs when analyzing commercial property data. Our list of clients includes individual investors and investment groups, property management companies, landlords and commercial business owners and buyers. Our  inspection services   cover all commercial property types, including: Office Buildings, Industrial, Retail, Strip Malls, Child and Day Care Facilities, Multi-Family Dwellings, Apartment Buildings and Complexes, Hotels, Motels, Restaurants, Industrial, Special Purpose and Senior Housing. Our clients rave about our state-of-the-art web-based delivery system to view forms and completed reports!